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Saw you guys finally at the Back Page gig. Two words, Great Songs..
Fantastic show and highlighting of your wonderful voice and songs at Club Passim on October 28th -- I went to see my old friends Peter and Goody, and left delighted to find your fresh and wiley sounds! Looking forward to your shows at Toad on every-other-Thursday in December!
well melvern taylor, I will be seeing you soon at bayside bowl.....we will be the lane that is laughing and sassing it up, oh yeah 8 ladies!!! watch out!
Hi Melvern! I just wanted to say that I love your music and I can't wait for your new CD to come out! Do you have a set release date yet?
Mmm, I have a question! Where can I find a text of song < Angel On My Shoulder >? I really need it, because I'm from Russia and I can't understand all words. I don't know English very well. However, I can say, that music is amasing! I enjoy this song!
Saw you guys at Nick's in Worcester on Sat night--had no idea who you were but by the end of your set I was hooked! thank-you and come back because next time I am going to bring more friends and we will get the place a rockin'! Bought both CD's--worth every penny--every song is so good! ~keep on keeping on! ~Alesia
My wife and I and another couple seen you play at Nicks in Worc Sat night. We all became big fans of yours. we thought your songs and unique sound was great. If you could get me a schedule of your future performance venues, I would love to see you guys again. Thanks.
Caught you guys at Nic's in Worcester of all places, on Saturday night!!! Truly Nic's is a place I would expect to find in NYC or SF, Worcester not so much. It was my pleasure to discover two great treasures that night; Melvern Taylor and his Fabulous Meltones AND Nic's. Keep going guys, if not for the money for the love of the art! Great lyrics....great songs.
ack! this'll be my first miss of a nick's show in three years. don't you check my google calendar before you do these things???
Melvern and the rest of the band, You guys are amazing! I'm a bass player from maryland. I was up here in Boston on business and happened upon your show at Toad 5/20(I was the old fart standing by the door). When I get home I'll be ordering some of your CD's and turning my friends onto your crazy skiffle, clezmer mix. You made my night by playing Me and My Arrow (made me miss my dog that recently passed) Thanks again, Jeff C.
I can't wait for the Rock Opera!
Hey there, As i said in my email to you ...grammy baby grammy written all over "sad and blue" gas station roses and some screw top wine now thats a date LOL anyway thank you I am very happy to have found all the tunes crank out some more for sure I have plastered you all over Facebook links that I have so something like 1/2 miilion folks will get the news have a great year I wish you all the best !!!!
I heard Sad and Blue this morning on WKZE Redhook NY and was blown away! You guys are great! Thank you!
Dear Melvern and the Tones, Love your stuff. Heard it first on WKZO out of Redhook,NY / Salisbury, CT and every other town they can think of to mention in fifty miles, including that sticky hippy tourist trap Woodstock. Have Fabuloso, will get Love Songs for Losers. Suggest you crack out of Boston and hit the big time such as the WKZO listening area. The station does in-station "parlor sessions" some Fridays. You'd be perfect and surely you could get a jig nearby. Figure a three to four hour drive from Beantown.
Clementine. Man, thats a great song! I used to see you at Smitticks back in the day. had poor house recordings and Salsbury Beach hope that you do well, great stuff! look at the birds... look at the birds... up up away they go!
I'm sitting here in my 6 foot box listening to Love Songs for Losers. I first heard Working Stiff from Slaid Cleaves cover, tracked down Fabuloso. Music and lyrics equally strong, man what great stuff. Please consider a trip to Texas, stopping off first in Denton, at Dan's Silverleaf, (No association with the club, except Friday's and Saturday's and the occasional week night).
you guys are amazing! hey- where is the pic and bio of Sara? I saw you play as Mudfoot years and years ago in Andover, MA. But, I go back even further than this: I still remember Dave(y) run to get his black leather jacket whenever the Fonz was on the tube! He was maybe 2 or 3 years-old... anyway, I really love your music! Hope to see you live (again) in the near future. Any chance you might be coming to New Paltz, NY?
Hi. I am a descendent of John Taylor. I am the grandaughter of Ted Taylor, John's son. That would make us 4th cousins. Your grandfather, Melvern, and my mother, Betty Taylor Connor are first cousins. I was at the family reunion on Sat and was talking to your mother, Carolyn. She told me about you and your band, so I came to check it out. Love it.
Hey it's G, Im Erin's(Mary Andrews)friend. She loves you!!! You have good music! Georgina
heyy mel this is vicky erins friend she sent me to ur webpage and i like it. erin is a rlly good friend and person. she rlly like ur music. ur a rlly good friend to her. thnx. vicky
Your music isn't more into rap and hip hop. Erin (mary andrews) told me to listen to it. She really likes your music and never shuts up about you. she says hi.
heys from Belarus, Europe! thanks for "Sad And Blue" ^-^
Love your music! I was trying to look for a long lost cousin of mine, and greatfully, your web page came up so, I listened, and loved it. keep up the great work. I think ya all are GREAT! chao
Just wanted to say: Happy Greek Independence Day! Love your music!!!!! :)
People, if your looking for that great music that will change your life and open your heart to tons of great songs, listen to Mel's music! You would be a fool not to. He has great music that just makes you want to stop what your doing and listen. So if you say that you have a good taste in music, then you're lying unless you have listened to Melvern Taylor! See ya Mel, Mary Andrews
Kudos to you and the lads for the great run of shows @ the Toad. Y'all braved some rough winter conditions. Signature Sounds Records is selling Fabuloso and of course giving it great reviews. Everyone should also seek out "handsome bastard" for what I think is a stellar collection of Mel's poignant wrenching excursions lamenting lost love, it is audio cinema with his unique vocal arrangements for cast and crew. I'm listning to it as I write, Mel please reprise the End
Good to see you guys again.
you should play a couple shows in raleigh, nc the week of 4/20/09 because that's where justin and i will be!
Remember when Rex Trailer used to organize those February vacation getaways to Florida with Sergeant Billy? After having enjoyed your show up at Local 188 up in Portland the other weekend, which was after a great pile of french fries smothered in cheese curd and gravy over at Duckfat restaurant, I'm thinking you guys ought to hook up with Crimson Travel and start organizing little vacation packages of your own. The Portland junket is a GREAT time if you add the poutine and a night on the waterfront after. If we could only find a bowling alley nearby the Billerica Elks for this Saturday night, we could package that up, too!
I can't stop singing this..SEXY SONG.... I can't tell you what it does to me! I want to know what chords you use? This song is a HIT. I've been playing for years and rarely come across a song like this done this way.. sounds like New Orleans French music that the Cajun play... Old folky I am, doing rock now! Please the chords, I'd be forever grateful!
hello there. i would just like to say tht i absolutly love ur music. and as others have cmmted my music teacher showed ur ur music and eveyone loved it. ttyl byee
heyy im from franco american school and mi teacher is Peter Lavender he got us into ur music i think ur a very good artist
Hi, My name is also Melvern, and I am a mathematics professor at Ridgewater College in Willmar, Minnesota. I was wondering who named you and why they picked your name? My father named me after a young girl who he had known in the past. I was wondering if there is a history to your name as I have never known anyone else with that name? I am also a female,58, with 3 grandchildren, so I figured the name was not poular now or then! Thanks for your time in reading this. Melvern Taylor ( I usually go by Mel)
omg! my music teacher peter cangiano(aka Peter lavender) sings ur songs 2 us all the time! we love the one workin stiff and sing it almost EVERY music class one of my friends said dhe saw u in maket basket i was like reely! i love yor music u reely take yor time in the lyric portion and the ukelalie(probobly spelt wrong) is soooo original yor drummer played on our music teachers latest cd plzzzz email back our class loveeessss you,Cc
Please make a trip down South to NC!!!!
So bummed!!! I bought a block of tickets for your Blender concert next week, now my job tells me I have to fly out to LA Wednesday night. Well, I am going to make sure the tix go to good use, but I really wanted to see you guys play and Jake Shimabukuro too. All the best and have fun in NY! Anna
Love the new photos! Very swank! Who dressed you guys so nice? :)
Great show Tuesday night!!! Hey, if you haven't seen it, that cute co-ed with the camera and microphone cruising the room posted a piece on her blog: (Don't worry, she edits sound, stills and video better than she spells). Not enough of the band, but, hey, a little sumthin is better than a little nuthin, right?
Hey Mel and tones, When are you coming to Kansas? There's a huge uke club in KC and we'd all love to see you. Richard
heard your music for the first time on 89.3 the current in minnesota. awesome shit man. LOVE the uke. Maybe your album will coax my 4 year old into playing his mitchell uke instead of standing on top of it. t.
Hello, Melvern Taylor and the Fabulous Meltones! This message is for Bob. Thanks for the craps and alcohol at Monte Carlo in Vega$. TAKE IT EASY, Lemon Squeezy :)
Hey love your music! I can't get enough of it, make another album soon!
Great music!!! Thanks for those minutes to dream! greetz
i don't mind if you break my stupid heart, 'cause i got no place else to go. Love your stuff--keep it coming!
Hey, it was a awesome to see you in portsmouth. Wish I could have stuck around for more song or two and a brew but the majority rules and we had to walk. Come back again soon!
Love Songs for Losers is so good it's stunning. (I even bought myself a ukulele up at Guitar Center in Nashua because I couldn't help myself after hearing the latest show down at the Lizard Lounge). And now I just got Fabuloso in the mail, and I love it just as much. The current battle going on in my craven heart is a donnybrook between Angel On My Shoulder and Two Little Bottles Of Beer. Two better songs I've never heard. Except for all the others on both CD's. Thanks for the great music!
Hey Melvern, Fabuloso is a great CD and I'm looking forward to Lovesongs for Losers (great name, by the way). Are you going to put your albums on - david
Thanks for the great music!
Hiya Melvern, I enjoyed your show at Sidewalk Cafe this past week! It was great to see you and listen to you sing. I am listening to your new CD now. 2 Bottles of Beer is my favorite :) Love, Lori (your favorite cousin :)
Yassou Melvern, Good sound - think you must have gotten your good looks from your uncle (on your Dad's side). Like the ukelele. Might I suggest adding a occasional melodic five string banjo? You have a following in SC. Angie Orfanedes
Melvern, My wife, daughter, and myself heard you today at the DoubleTree and really enjoyed your music. Keep up the fight and keep making good music. Thanks, Tom
Spent the entire day rotating between Nilsson Schmilsson and Love Songs for Losers...heaven! Love Songs stands right up there with the best of them.
Hope you guys will come back to portsmouth soon.....Bourbon's was great last summer. lots of room to dance. We love the new CD, so do our kids (with the exception of Mr Albee, we got to keep it clean for the kids you know)! thanks for such great music JF
hope you will have a merch table one of these days ... >.<
I felt in love with the new CD. Good luck!!!
Great show at Sally's last night. I am emailing photos. My wife bought the new CD and we love it - turning our grownup kids onto your great sound. I think Angel on My Shoulder, which I got from the website, is one of the greatest songs I've heard, and I've been listening for 50+ years. See you some time soon. Art Ferrier (Ed's friend)
Hey Melvern, My best friend bought me your new CD and gave it to me as a surprise last Friday. I LOVE it !! Mr. Albee really rocks ! We've seen you guys twice, and are looking forward to a third time.
Loved you and the Meltones at the NY Ukefest! Will watch for anytime you might come to the Midwest?!
I heard sad and blue twice on wkze and fell in love with it. At 64 I'm not easily impressed. This music is thrilling. Fortunately I have contemorary children who found your website for me. Maybe I'll show up at a concert someime. Thanks. Be well, Michael
Thanks for the great tunes. They sound just as good hungover as they do when I'm drunk!! Your lyrics remind me that I'm not alone in the world. Peace.
hi, Melvern Taylor. Nice to hear your music and your ukulele! It's amazing! First I heard your song - you and me (and my ukulele),that's just a very short one. then ,after searching , I like your - angle on my shoulder again! even though i can't find you and me and my ukulele, I have another song to enjoy myself. I was just wondering if I could have the lyrics of angel on my shoulder. You know ,it's really hard to find sth about you and your songs. I don't know why people can't find your songs are so great. But any way, I have a favorite singer and his songs now! Thanks any way! Regards, Jason
Melvern Taylor is the shiznit! Come to Nashville, TN dammit!!!
can't wait for the show tonight! i haven't seen you guys play in a long time!!
I just love your music. You put so much feeling into your songs. Thanks for your comment on my attempt at playing "Sleepy Eyes" on You Tube.
My 5 year old son, Caspian Costello, thinks you guys are amazing, loved the autographed CD case we brought him. Wants his own ukelele, piano, bass, guitar, & band. wondering if you are doing any oudoors show this spring & summer. We really would love to bring him.
Just got a hold of FABULOSO. please let me know where i can get my hands on the other albums!!!!!!!!!
I just stumbled upon your cd "the spider and the barfly".It's a refreshing mixtur of distilled pop essence topped with a little angst.I've enjoyed listening to it.It's one of those rare works that I've enjoyed from the start and have increased my enjoyment with repeated listenings.In a fairer world you would be famous.Thank you for the moments of pleasure that I find each time I listen.
Congratulations on all your success! Hope to see you guys at a show soon. We love to play your music while sitting at our pool. Wishing you and your family all the best! Stephen & Marie (Friends of Bill & Linda Bucuzzo)
Enjoy your work and giving it airplay in the midwest. Eddie Osborne Producer/host Eclectic Cafe KTBG-FM
Saw you last night at Club Helsinki. Fantastic show - thank you so much! It was worth the long car ride from Newtown, CT. Keep turning out those great tunes. John Butera
When are you playing NY. We really want to see you live were from New Paltz NY but we would come to see you anywhere nearby.
Im a friend of your sister Barb! Your music sounds great I am telling all my friends in Tampa good luck!
Adam & Allison and Spencer helped turn us onto you guys, wish you were around portsmouth more often. Our kids, (2 & 5 ) know all the words to most of the songs on your album, and are asking for ukelele's....
You guys are awesome! And Melvern, wow man, i love ur songs. I ended up falling in love with your music because of "Sad & Blue"...that falsetto is just heartbreaking. THough in a good way. If that makes sense.'s great to know that yet another great band comes from Massachusetts! <3
I like the website. I hadn't popped by here before. I am looking forward to the new album! It sounds like you are finally getting some recognition. I haven't been out to see you play in a few years. I am hoping to drag my sorry tired ass out to Toad this weekend. Diana
Hey Melvern. I brought my mom and aunt to see you at the Worthen a while back when I was up there for a visit. My friends and I here in Austin can't get enough of Fabuloso and would love to see you if you ever roll though town. There are even accomodations available without hooker blood stains. I was just learning "It's Not My Fault" on guitar and thought I'd look for some lyrics online. I'm glad I did since I now know about your new album and contract. Any chance your earlier releases will be available? Regards, Jesse
Word on the street is that you guys are gonna be putting out a new record soon. We can't wait! It's been too long. When are you coming back north?
Loved, loved, loved you at Club Helsinki. Every note was perfect. Thanks for playing "beer cans" Brought two friends to hear you for the first time...they're true believers now. you'll be super famous one day..don't forget the little people who came to see you when you were playing the small clubs:) Looking forward to the next cd!
Nick! Listening to you play this morning in the yoga room was an amazing experience- I then blasted fabuloso on the house stereo when you guys left- and will be at Helsinki in september without a doubt- You rock! and I will be honored to know you when you are a famous from your talent and gifts!!! love dena
stone church gig was great! the covers were amazing! a pleasant surprise to open the night for rustic overtones.
Hey, it's Gia! I just wanted to wish the band the best of luck at the Lowell Folk Festival on Saturday. It's too bad that I couldn't be there with you all, but I know you'll still rock the house! I'll be thinking of you guys! Carpe Diem, -Gia ^_^
Hi Nick! How fantastic that I chose today to google you and I find this wonderful news about your being signed to this record label. I wish you the best! I also wish you played nearer to Boston, I only saw you live once in Kendal (at the Kendal Cafe I believe?) with my husband, your former co-worker Robert. I know all the words to all the songs on Fabuloso, Handsome Bastard, and The Spider and the Barfly. Ok, that sounds maybe crazy stalker girl-ish but I'm quite normal and just a huge fan. Your music is on my iPod and sometimes I just set it to your albums and if I have it on shuffle I'm always pleasently surprised when one of yours comes on. I'm a lover of Motown, Blues/Jazz and the Beatles so you are in good company there:). Anyway, again, best wishes and I hope to be able to see you play live agian someday! Take care, Michelle
Hey Melvern, My wife and I saw you and Bob perform at Stipers Saturday night. We were sitting right in front of you. I was the good looking guy in the straw hat who gave you some cash for a couple o' brews. Please include me on any mailings as to where I can see you guys play out. My wife and I live on the Mass/NH border and would love to take in a night of your delightful music sometime. I'd love to hear the whole band as well. Later, Barry
You and Bob were GREAT at Striper's last night !! Me and my friends can't wait to see you again !!
hey mel, congrats on the publishing deal!!
Melvern, You Rock.... and Ukulele too!
another fan from woodstock ny hopes you come our way -- loving Sad and Blue-- hearing that song makes me feel a little less so-- thanks for writing it--
Cool stuff.. Glad I ran across your music while compilating some pics on Photobucket. You remind me a lil of Nilsson so I had to order your CD.
hey, i saw you guys at the craig robinson shows. then i moved to NY from Boston. when you guys came to NY, i went to Boston for the weekend. please let me know when you're back down here! i'd love to see some new stuff!!! Thanks.
Saw the acoustic solo set at Bowery Poetry Bar the other week and it was great. Look forward to seeing the whole band when I am up North sometime soon! Anna NYC
WHADDDUPP PEOPLE? Melvern Taylor and his Fabulous Meltones own. Plain and simple.
Your friends down at the Worthen House miss you!! PLEASE PLEASE play open mic tonight!
I just love sad and blue. Everything about it and if you should ever play in Woodstock, N.Y. my husband and I will come to your show. Best wishes, Naomi
hell yes
When are you coming to Charleston? :) Good college town!
I also heard you on WNCW, absolutely love the tunes, please play WNC!
A friend introduced your sound to me back in the fall. I heard you yesterday on WNCW (radio station). Glad you made it down to us. Love what you stand for and what you do. peace, Kim
NC resident who heard you on my local station yesterday. You blew me away. Bought "Fabuloso" from itunes this morning. Sure wish you were playing in the Carolines. Ever play the Shakori Hills Music Festival or anywhere in Asheville? Thanks and Keep it up!
Happy Birthday to our favorite godson!!! Looking forward to celebrating our birthday's together again in sunny Carolina this weekend!!! So happy you are down South for awhile!! Keep up the great music! We are so very proud of you as usual. With lots of love from us always!
Yeah! Thrilled to hear are doing a NYC gig - it will be great to see a live performance. I will start spreading the word.
hey love fabuloso, the best song by far that I've hear in awhile on any cd is 'working stiff'. Pretty much sums it all up in that song. I currently have it on repeat. Great to listen to. Keep up the good work.
...when I heard "sad and blue" on the radio, I thought it was some obscure R&B that I might have heard on The Big Lebowski soundtrack...I hope you take that as the tremendous compliment that I intend it to be!
I heard you on Acoustic Cafe and look forward to seeing your show sometime. That the Jon Nolan, Cliff Murphy and Slaid Cleaves sing your praises doesn't hurt either.
Hey! I listen to your songs on my Ipod at work! Hope to see you when you come south! :) Lori
We sure would love to see you when you come South!!! Will you be playing in North Carolina soon?
i heard Sad and Blue on the radio and loved it. are you heading to the western carolina mountains any time soon? if so, when? thanks a bunch. charla
Received the CD - love it! Now I don't have to click through the website to hear your music - which is best not to do at work. If you ever play NY - we'll get a group together to see you! Thanks again for the great music.
man have i fallen in love woth your tune working stiff -- heard it on a slaid cleaves cd - way to go - are the yrics printed any where or do i need to write? got the chords. mind if we play it?
You are fabulous!! you should come to Club Helsinki in Gt Barrington Mass!!!!!!
I should request one of your CDs to play on my radio show here in Vermont
Back in October my friend in Boston emailed me a link to your site and I confess I didn't open it until today, however, since I did I have been listening to your music tracks at work all day long. I finally had to order the CD on line - which is something I don't ordinary do. Thanks for filling my day with your wonderful voice and music - I look forward to hearing more great songs from the CD! Do you ever play NYC gigs?
Thanks for the comment Dick! You forgot to leave your e-mail address so I don't know where to send the "Sleepy Eyes" lyrics to.
Heard your song "Sleepy Eyes" on UKULELENOIR. I play stride piano and my buddy plays a uke. We have fun playing songs most people have may not heard. Most songs we do are prior to 1930 and "Sleepy Eyes" fits in with the style of the era. I would like to get the lyrics if possible. By listening to the song, some words could not be clearly identified so maybe you could help me.
Sad and Blue is absolutley beautiful- where can I get the CD? And when will you becoming to Chalotte, NC? We have a great little music scene here. Thanks for the music- If there isn't a CD can you make Sad and Blue downloadable? Would love to have a copy.....
Hello, I saw you and the band at the Ukulele Noir at the Sky Bar over the weekend. You guys were excellent! I was there to see Tim Mann and hope to catch your band again. Keep up the good work - very entertaining! Sue Cummings (Cousin of Kristin, Tim's girlfriend)
Meltones rule! Thanks for the Toad shows, dancing on Sundays is the best....ding.. request line coming in, The sad & ugly truth, Older than you think, (makes my eyes water). ciao ps. My new supply of George Bush voodoo Kewpie dolls just came in. Looking forward to Portsmouth on the 30th
I always enjoy your music...Even though I don't make it to the shows I think I am still "the number one fan"...have I said so before? Your new website is nice, but when it's late at night it's kinda hard to navigate (on account of not knowing what all those letters and numbers mean). Please tell David I said hello. Keep up the good work. Am listening to "the Spider and the Barfly" right now. And don't tell anyone....but I have a bunch of mudfoot stuff too...and possibly some home recordings too....what the #%@!?? I guess I'm the laziest groupy ever! Look up homebody in the dictionary. Beth
Hey! I heard your song "angel on my shoulder" on WERS. Is that about the Worthen House in Lowell MA? I read that you grew up in Andover so I thought might be. Well anyways you guys sound great. Cant wait to hear more of your work. Peace. Amanda =)
Great site! Hope all is well my friend.
Caught you playing at the Toad on Dec 3rd whilst on visit. You were damn good - great live presence! Back now in good old Blighty, your CD of Honalulu Swing Pop will cheer those drives to work now holiday is over. Keep it up!
I caught you on Nov. 28th at the Urban Village Art Series, and wow...I was blown away. Amazing music...I'm buying Fabuloso for everyone I know for the holidays, well...until I can find some way to sell non-vital organs on the black market or my collection of old term papers (I'm a poor, very poor college student who needs funds), but either way your cd is on my Christmas list. But, anyways...great stuff and I'll catch one of your gigs soon. Peace and Love. ~Jenn
I saw you in NYC with Slaid Cleaves and enjoyed your set. I thought you mentioned a new album at the time. Is one coming out? I have Fabuloso and it's great. It's getting me back into the uke. They are like candy. I have 8, all sizes.
Crap! I was just in Portland last weekend! Can't make it this weekend! Any chance that you will show up at the Me and The Coffee house on Mugford street in Marblehead sometime soon? Or any small town place in northen MA? How about that coffee house (I forget the name) in that White church in North Andover, familiar ground for you. I've been hearing alot about you and your music on WERS 88.9 FM, Emerson College's station. It is lovely and great and just Fabuloso! Keep it up!
"Thank you! Have you lost weight??? " hhahaaahahaaahaaaha thats so funny. i think im going to become a melhead ;D grins and smile and giggles and laughs to you my friend. judy
Hey-heard you this morning on ERS, you sounded great, you stay at home dad you! Although hearing working stiff and your explanation of it made we want to turn around and go back to bed instead of to my cube, it made the ride to work much more pleasant on a crappy friday morning. hope all is well with you. I'm hoping to make it to Toad some sunday night. Take care
you guys are something else, i tell ya. keep up the great work! can't wait to see another show! rockon
I was intrigued by Working Stiff on Unsung, and now discover that you write and sing a bunch of good songs. I'll buy your cd when payday rolls around. I like the cheer of the ukulele with the melancholy of the words. Tara
i haven't stopped listening to Fabuloso for a solid week and a half....and i don't even like music......i've also been covering "sad and blue" at my shows, and although i'm mostly butchering it, someone e-mailed that they had bought your cd online after hearing me do who knows what'll happen when i finally nail it..... m
Holy CrAp! You make wonderful music! Thanks for doing what you do; it sure does help to get me through the rainy early-autumn blech that these Ohio climes offer. Cheers, Micah
Aloha. Saw you at the Lowell Folk Festival, in front of the vegie restaurant. I was part of the Dracut crowd that heckled you: "My brother is from Dracut!" I'm playing "It's Not My Fault" at the moment, so yes, I did purchase FABULOSO (and it is!). Your music would be really welcomed on local radio, given the ukulele and falsetto adjuncts to light but slightly melancholy music. I travel to Lowell twice a year to stay with my mom, whose 86 and still living on her own, in Dracut, so I look forward to catching your gig when I'm there at Christmas.
Hey Melvern and Gang, My husband saw you playing at our friend's wedding in Mass a couple of weeks ago. He bought your cd brought it home, and there began our addiction to your music. It is like CRACK!!! It is so awesome! It has been awhile since I have heard an album that made me say: "this song is my favorite, no that one is, and that one too..." Thanks for the great music! I fear that if you don't come to Denver and play a show soon we will may have a withdrawl problem on our hands... Anxiously Awaiting your next album, Stacey
Oh my!!!! I prayed to The Great Wonkantonka, and he heard me!!! See ya Sundays in September wit me dancin' shoes all polished! Yeah, TOAD!
Hi Melvern, Dave, Bob and John! Just wanted to thank you all so much for letting me play with you at the Lowell Folk Festival. It was a wonderful experience and quite a memorable day for me! Thanks again to each one of you for your kindness and for giving me such a great opportunity. I hope to be able to work with you again, sometime! Best to everyone, Gia p.s. have been listening to your new sounds great!
Thanks for sharing your ukulele expirience. I put up myself a small uke website. Please step by for a short visit :)
I love Fabuloso! I can't wait to see you live, and I will wear my Wonder Woman suit:) -Allison
Your music makes me want to pee. In a good way. Please play another gig very soon. My wife and I will travel anywhere within the greater Boston metropolis (from Providence to Worcester to Portsmouth). Heck, we'll even go to Maine. Not Vermont though. Unless it's on a Saturday night and we're not doing anything else. We'd have to get a hotel though. Could we stay with you? Okay, next time you play Vermont we'll get a hotel together. Done and done. No funny stuff though. Unless the show is really, really good. Then we can compare nipples.
Melvern, I just wanted to make sure that you knew that you are Fabuloso!!
Wow, I've heard sad & blue acouple of times driving thru the Carolina mountains. Almost went off the road. Can't wait to hear more. good luck
Came across Fabuloso and loving it. Be waiting for you here in Texas....SlaidMelvern at Gruene Hall...if only.
I am amazed at your talent - saw you at Prescott Park in Portsmouth and love the sound with the ukulele!!! (also the new look). In looking for your old music I noticed some had the clever lyrics and underlying sound, but the addition of the ukulele makes you unique and wonderful. Rooting for you to get the recognition your talents deserve and hope to catch another show. Cathy
hey guys, i just wanted to say hi and i love your music :o) keep up the great work!! do you think you could play "the sad and ugly truth" for me? i love that song! rock on!! ~lindsay~
Wow...what a great sound. Have you guys thought about cashing in with a kids' album ala Dan Zanes or They Might Be Giants?
Hey Melvern!!!! I'm playing sleepy eyes for the Lobby tunes at The Center for Arts in Natick, and it's makin' me have weepy eyes, wishin' I could get The Meltones to cheer my rainy spring blues away, by playin' in Cambridge. And not with those other ukies! We want all Meltones, all the night!!!!
Love 'Sleepy Eyes', listened to it on the ukulele noir website. Wish you all would come to Nashville, TN sometime.
Spencer Albee has been talking about you for a while. After last night, I know how great you are. Can't wait for this new CD. By the way, a CD store I know in Portsmouth has a used copy of Spider & Barfly. Is that your album?
"TINY FUCKIN BUBBLES!" We love you Melvern!!
Hi Melvern--Ditto on the RPM CD!
Hello; I have your Handsome Bastard CD and just listened to your RPM Demo CD - Can I buy it somewhere? Let me know, Thanks!
Hi, I was at the ukulele noir last friday when I heard you and your band. I bought a record ans so did my friend Claude. Since then I not only listen to it often, my 15 yrs old daughter fell in love with your music as well...However I'm writing to you to make a request, Can I sing one of your song on my next show? It's the song: It's not my fault ( I think...cause my daughter left this morning with the cd in her walkman....) If it's possible to get the lyrics and may be the chords...? I'll sing it with my ukulele.... It's funny because I didn't notice that my friend wrote to you just before me... Thank you in advance. Martin P
I was at the Ukulele Noir show the other night... What a smash when I heard your songs (and voice)... I really like it a lot! I bought your CD and it's reallu great to listen to that here in Montreal! Martin Lapierre and me are settleling a evening ukulele show in July!!!! Can you send me the lyrics ok "Sad and Blue"? I'd really like to sing that song on guitar! Than you! Claude... directly from Montreal city!
I love the new songs!
I heard your music first on New Hampshire public radio and was delighted...they played "au revoir: that's french for goodbye." Beautiful! Brilliant!!! How can I buy your music? I missed u guys in somerville ma... Would love to see u in this area if u play again... Hope I hear from u angus
Toad misses you!!!! How bout shovin' that Ukelele where the sun don't shine, and bringing those Fabulous Meltones back to the big city?!?!?!?! affectionately, lo Lo
Hey Spencer - I've also got some good footage of you Mom if you're interested
could you please post some shit porn up here?
& p.s- my father loves your music, also. -Emmaley.
Hey Mel, I'm not sure who he was. I know he has a kid & a wife I think? Ring a bell? Anyways, I'm younger than 18. I doubt I'll get into any shows.
...awesome show at Sangria's on 11-3-05 ...I love that angel on my shoulder song...keep on uke'n
I just caught your half hour set at the Skybar (Ukulele Noir). Bravo! Some of these postings hint at existing cds... can you post where we can find them? Thanks and push your way into Toad or Johnny D's!
My lovely bride really needs some new Melvern Taylor music to put in her cd player as do i. I'm getting tired of listening to old copies of the purple helmet cd. Hope all is well.
Yeah, can you play "casio tango"? Nice girls don't wear cha-cha heels;_ylc=X3oDMTB1c21tcDhkBF9TAzk2NjMyOTA3BHNlYwNmZWVkBHNsawNib29rcw--
Hey! I am planning to come down to Sangrias and I was hoping you can play Jonatha. Hopefully you will have the kazoo with you to!! Love that part! :) See you soon! Nicole
Hey Melvern, When are you and Thunderpants Johnson going to play a show again? I for one am really hoping that day comes soon!! It's been way too long!!! p.s. Ever think about adding a breakdancing squad to the Meltones? It will be kind of like Public Enemy's security of the first world only they can do the windmill.
Melvern, Good show Friday at the Old Court. That was the first time I heard you with a full band and it was awesome. Really enjoyed the originality. Keep doing your thing. One Love, ~Fee
Hey Emmaley, you can check out the calendar section of the website for show info. We sometimes do 18+ shows. Who was this guy who lived in your mother's house and had a box full of "handsome bastards"?? Must have been Frankie. -mel
i like all of the songs from "handsome bastard." My aunt was renting a house to this guy, & he left a big box of all handsome bastard. I took one and didn't know what to expect, & now i can't stop listening to it. I'm young, how can i get into some shows?! -emmaley silva.
Melverne, It was a pleasure meeting you and the band at the Uke Noir show. I was bowled over by the sound and the songs--they're still swirling around my head! Can't wait for the next opportunity to hear you! Hope to get you guys down to Providence sometime soon. Peace!
Hey Man - Can't wait for the new record from my favorite musical act in the world, Melvern Taylor and the Fabulous Meltones, of course. Please tell me it includes "Bowling in Billerica". See you guys Saturday night. Keep the Fire Burnin'.
Awesome!! I am in love with the uke, more, more, please. how do I buy your cd??????????
Melvern ol' buddy ol' pal - you ukelele playing bastard! I just wanted to be the guy who posted here first. I really don't have anything witty to add. Still digging the new tunes... Yer pal, Jon

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