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Melvern Taylor - Ukulele

Melvern Taylor makes up songs on the ukulele.  He has an unhealthy obsession with making music. It drives him to distraction. He is always lost and has a vulgar sense of humor. 

Matt Murphy - Upright Bass

Murph is the new bass guy. he's a great player and a relatively nice guy.

Johnny Grant - Upright Bass (1999-2009)

Johnny played the bass with us from 1999-2009. He moved far away and is very happy! We love him like a brother!

Dave Livingston - Guitar

Dave plays the guitar and sings along. If you cut him off in traffic, there is a good chance he will throw a wrench at you.

Sir Bob Nash - Snare Drum

Sir Bob taps on a snare drum with brushes and he hits a tiny kick drum with a mallet that is attached to a foot pedal. He also sings along. Prior to playing with the Fabulous Meltones, Sir Bob played the Pan Flute with Inca Sun at the Pheasant Lane Mall.

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